There is a good set of documentation available when developing with Amazon DocumentDB, including connecting programmatically with TLS enabled. There is a variety of languages covered there, including Java, but what I did not find was the steps to build a docker container where Java code would be able to connect to the Amazon DocumentDB.

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For reference, see the whole sample…

Spring Boot application that is using OpenFeign client to connect to a 3rd party REST API is a well-known approach. But what if you need to call multiple APIs (like Jira, Slack, Google, …) with different users and authentication methods? This article shows how to set up Basic Authentication for Jira (Zephyr API in particular) and how to use a token for Slack API at the same time.

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  • Spring Boot Application (with one REST controller to process a request)
  • Configuration of OpenFeign client for Jira API (Basic Auth)
  • Configuration of OpenFeign client for Slack API (Bearer Token Auth)
  • Integration test…

When deploying services to Kubernetes cluster, Istio is often used for handling request routing and user authentication and authorization. In this article we present Istio configuration together with Okta and AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) on top of Elastic Kubernetes Service. JSON Web Token (JWT) with custom user group claim issued by Okta is used for authorization. The ALB enforces Okta authentication and is able to check the health of cluster instances.

Together with Jakub Snor and Vladimir Valouch.

Okta Authentication and Authorization Overview


Istio Deployment

We showcase the role-based access on the simple httpbin application used in Istio samples.

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